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I majored in Digital Media Innovation, a new STEM-designated degree in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University. There I learned about a multitude of digital skills including: web development, social media and analytics, media writing, photo and video editing, and multimedia story telling. Before I attended Texas State, I decided to begin my college career at LSU in Baton Rouge where I majored in Electrical Engineering. After a few semesters of poor grades and work ethic, I knew I could not continue down the same path and I needed to make some changes. I made the decision to pull myself out of LSU and immediately enrolled at Austin Community College, in my home town of Austin, for a semester where I decided that Texas State was the best option because of the Digitial Media Innovation program.


I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in November of 1996 to Mike and Kelley Adams. My father was born in Seoul, South Korea where he was adopted as a baby. They moved to Louisiana where he met my mother, who was born in Baton Rouge. I am the youngest of three brothers. The oldest, Josh, is adopted and Alex is the middle child in the family. When I was in the first grade, my family moved to Austin, Texas which is where I ultimately grew up. I consider myself to be lucky to have two “homes” and to have such a deep connection with two amazing states. I am a massive fan of anything sports. I am a lifelong LSU Tiger though I have loved growing up in Texas Longhorn country. 



I attended LSU my freshman year to study electrical engineering and moved back home after realizing it was not the best fit for me.


Once I decided to make the move home last minute, I decided to attend Austin Community College to figure out a new path.


After choosing Texas State University, Digital Media Innovation was an easy major to select because of the diverse  subjects covered.


Check out some of my work as a Digital Media Innovation student at Texas State University below:

An Open Dialogue

The Front Porch, a not-so-typical church, breaking down barriers through dialogue-based services.

College Cookin’

Multimedia website project dedicated to simple recipes that are so easy a student can do it.


A mock 24-page magazine spread created as a final project  for Media Design

Analytics Reports

Throughout the course of a semester, we analyzed a Texas State orginzation’s social media.

Capstone Final Group Project 

Final research project where we came up with and researched a new product. 

Capstone Final Website

Website for the protype Athen a from the group research project. 


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Email: aaronadams229@gmail.com
Instagram: @aaron_adams
Twitter: @aaronadams229